If you thought “Murder Suicide” or “Anger Denial Acceptance” off Spineshank’s upcoming Century Media debut (Due June 19th) was a good indication of what Spineshank circa 2012 were about then you are wrong. “Nothing Left For Me” still brings the heavy but also displays the softer side of the ‘shank.

Vocalist Jonny Santos is at his most melodic while the rage simmers underneath, boiling over into the chorus. The rest of the band barely sounds like the industrial behemoth that put forth The Height Of Callousness over ten years ago but that’s okay because who wants a retread of the past? So far, the taste fans have gotten of Anger Denial Acceptance is of a band that has matured and come into their own, free of the trappings of one genre.

Anger Denial Acceptance will be released on June 19th through Century Media. Make sure you follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for more info.



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