John Mayer’s Born And Raised, due later this month, has gotten one of the more low-key roll outs of any major artist release in recent times–if only because the artist himself is silenced by ongoing throat issues that have caused him to not be able to perform or do interviews. Perhaps that latter consequence is a good thing.

Nevertheless, first single “Shadow Days” has (as I predicted) grown on me, and I’m quite curious to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. The country-inflected tune is picking up steam at radio, and a video has just been released.

Thankfully, John got rid of the perv mustache that made him look like Johnny Depp’s sleazy little brother, although he’s retained the long hair and the weird hats. At any rate, the video finds John taking a scenic drive through America. It’s as low-key and unassuming as everything else John has been involved with lately-what a refreshing change.

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