Nas has been releasing several stray singles over the last couple of months, but there’s been no concrete news about a new album–until now. Life Is Good is scheduled for release in July: a possibly ironic title given the fact that QB’s finest has been dealing with a fair amount of drama as of late. Divorce drama, the IRS on his ass, and apparently a daughter who’s been wildin’ the fuck out.

Nope, “Daughters” isn’t an adaptation of John Mayer’s Grammy-winning soft-rocker, but a cautionary tale. Apparently Destiny Jones, Nas’ now-teenage daughter, has been doing the typical rebellious teenage daughter things, like posting revealing photos on Twitter and things of that nature. What else can a frustrated MC who’s a father (but not Father MC) do but put his feelings into song? It’s a pretty heartfelt tune, and the beat by No I.D. is nice. My only complaint is that the chorus is a little on the clunky side. Either way, it’s one of Nasty Nas’s more interesting tunes, and leaves me anticipating the release of Life Is Good.

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