It’s scary to think (For me, at least) that bands I grew up with are now being used as a template or a comparison chart for up and coming bands. Take Aeges for example. On first listen to single “Wrong” and I was transported to a crazy world where Quicksand, Failure, and Hum never disbanded. Are these guys the second coming of any of those bands? It’s possible. Once you listen through their debut The Bridge, though, and it’ll be hard to dispute that claim.

“Wrong” is one of those songs that cannot be talked about enough. Not only is it an incredible opening song and lead single for The Bridge, but just an all around great fucking song. Guitarists Mark Holcomb and Kemble Walters (Who also provides vocals in Aeges) along with bassist Tony Baumeister and drummer Larry Herweg (He, of some band called Pelican!) create this massive wall of sound on “Wrong” that just owns.”Southern Comfort” starts with this amazing acoustic intro and just goes huge and sludge-y and takes you to an almost dirge-like place if it wasn’t for Walters’ gorgeous vocal melodies.

The title track has Ken Andrews written all over it. It’s anthemic in that Fantastic Planet kind of way with flourishes that scream Troy Van Leeuwen. “Roaches” is a solid rocker featuring Walters at his most guttural (Next to “Doesn’t Feel the Same”) and Holcomb at his most sonically clever…that is, until “The Words We Say” comes on next and he just goes everywhere. Herweg knocks it out of the park on that one as well as throughout The Bridge.

The Bridge is an incredible work of art. If you’re a fan of any of the bands mentioned, then Aeges is a great find. If you haven’t heard any of the bands mentioned, check out Aeges The Bridge first, do some research, slap yourself for not knowing your music history better, and then play Aeges The Bridge again.

The Bridge is out now through The Mylene Sheath.

Grade: A



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