It’s been damn near a decade since we Americans last heard from Daniel Bedingfield. The young British singer/songwriter scored hits out the box with “Gotta Get Thru This” and the pretty ballad “If I’m Not The One.” Both songs worked that retro-MJ thing before Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo took over that particular lane, and Daniel even had a foot in that two-step thing that was popular in the U.S. for about five minutes (hello, Craig David!!)

So, where has Daniel been for the past 10 years? He released a second album in his native U.K. that did not get an American release. Then, he was in a pretty serious car accident that rendered him somewhat immobile for a while. Then, his sister Natasha became ridiculously popular thanks to a series of pleasant dance/pop hits (and a recent country smash–shades of Olivia Newton-John in reverse!) He’s also done the songwriting thing, penning songs for the likes of David Archuleta.

He’s returned with a very risque video for the song “Rocks Off,” the first single from his upcoming Secret Fear EP, which is due on April 24th. The song isn’t much, which of course means it’s perfect for today’s no-meat dance-pop environment. The video is sufficiently sexy, and I personally have no qualms about getting a gander at the dude’s hindquarters, but the song gave me flashbacks of “Hollaback Girl,” and that is not a good thing. Not. A. Good. Thing. At all.

I’d give the EP a shot, and the fact that “Rocks Off” kinda sucks hasn’t totally dissuaded me, but still, man…you can do much better.

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