What an Isis-y week or two I’m having. First there was the first single from Marriages echoing the late great Boston band, I found out about this band called Kerretta (More on them later), the new Harborlights album was released and now there’s something from mastermind Aaron Turner himself in the form of Split Cranium.

Split Cranium (Debut due on Hydra Head on March 20th) is sure to throw some Isis fans. It’s heavy, it’s fast, and it is decidedly not Isis (Did I mention how fast it was?). Why don’t you check out “Tiny Me”, also featuring Jussi Lehtisalo of Phantom Overlord and Circle, below and decide for yourself…and then be compelled to order their debut here. There’s no better way to spend a minute and a half of your time (Did I already mention that it was fast?).



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