We were lucky enough to catch up with Ohio post-rockers If These Trees Could Talk recently to chat about their upcoming album and their first European tour.  “Red Forest” will be available on March 20th with a limited edition vinyl pressing to be distributed by Science of Silence.  Thanks again to the guys in ITTCT for being gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions!

What made you decide to go the DIY route for the recording of Red Forest?

Zack Kelly (drums)- We recorded the EP ourselves and really enjoyed the experience. Not having the pressure and time constraints of going to a big studio allowed us to experiment with different sounds, amps and riffs. Starting out, we had a good skeleton for each song and because of the flexibility we had, we were able to meticulously refine them and achieve a certain mood that we wouldn’t have had with a studio. We also had the help of the right people to achieve the quality sound we were going for.

There are huge names in the post-rock genre (Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky) were any of these influences for you?

ZK- The biggest name in post-rock that has influenced us the most would have to be Mogwai. When we started this band, we didn’t have any intentions of becoming a “post rock” band, it kind of just fell into place. Mogwai showed us that instrumental rock could be upbeat and heavy but also have its soft, melodic, slower side as well. However, we are influenced by many bands and a wide variety of musical styles.

What’s going to set Red Forest apart from your other work?

ZK- Red Forest definitely has a darker/heavier tone to it as a whole – but we hope that the listener feels that it is a continuation of our previous works. We would  like to look at each album as its own chapter in an overall bigger “collection”.  We want our fans to be able to listen to each album back to back and feel the progression or movement but still know that we haven’t completely abandoned our original sound.

You guys are off to Europe soon; looking forward to it?

MS-Very much looking forward to it.  We’ve been getting asked for years to come over. The stars aligned so well that we just couldn’t say no and went for it.  It’s going to feel very nice to finally play for so many who have been incredibly supportive of what we do.

What were you looking to for inspiration while writing this album?

Mike Socrates (guitar)- I think the destruction and resurrection of humankind and the ways in which we see that on a daily basis.  We kind of named the songs in a pattern that was indicative of a somewhat linear story that basically involved the beginning of earth and humankind, through the peaks and valleys of civilization, and eventually leading to its own destruction.  We got pretty deep, personally, with what songs and titles meant to us.  In the end, I think we were mainly inspired by the need to get these riffs out of our head and onto disc/vinyl/internet files.

You seem to have trees running as a main theme in your music (your name, album artwork/titles).  Any special significance in the symbolism?

ZK- If these trees could talk was a phrase Cody and I’s late grandfather used to say. Everyone has their own personal interpretation or meaning of this and we like to leave that open. Having trees and nature as a theme seems to compliment us and in a way, verbalize our music.

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