In honor of Every Time I Die releasing their sixth studio album this week (Review coming soon), we decided to have some Popblerd crossover magic for ya and bring The Viewfinder into the pages of Metal Monday to check out “Revival Mode”, the latest video from ETID’s Ex Lives.

Ok, so the song is not your typical Every Time I Die song. At all. In fact, I can understand if you thought this was a The Damned Things B-Side on first listen. But it’s not (It is the only song on Ex Lives that sounds like this though). Keith Buckley sings throughout as in that other band but it’s the riff masters Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams who add that extra crunch and make it ETID. Ryan “Legs” Leger also makes quite the impression, slamming away with reckless aplomb.

The video is something akin to a David Lynch movie and it’s just something that needs to be seen. There was a crime. The band members are involved. Andy Williams is wrapped in gauze in a wheelchair abandoned at the side of the road. Like I said, watch it for yourself ok?

It’s twisted, maniacal and the perfect platform for one helluva good rock song.

Ex Lives is out on March 6th. Get yours here.



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