As a commenter on Eric Benet’s page writes, “this man has been through some stuff.”

While the mainstream pop audience only knows Eric for his brief turn as Mr. Halle Berry, the fact is that the Milwaukee-reared singer/songwriter has been a mainstay in the R&B world for two decades. There have definitely been some personal and professional ups and downs along the way, but Eric is still here, still making music, and after a lengthy stay with Warner Brothers Records, is on a new label (EMI) and a new album called The One, which is due out in spring.

The first single, “Real Love,” is a pretty ballad that spotlights Eric’s spine-tingling falsetto. Seriously, him, El DeBarge and Robin Thicke should make a record together just to see who can reach the highest notes. The video is sweet too-perfect for Valentine’s Day, which is in just over a week. Eric did just get married again, to Prince’s ex-wife Manuela Testolini, and the two had a baby a few months back. I’m sure this song (and possibly the video too) was inspired by these events.

Find Eric on line here.

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