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New Release Report 6/5/12: The Week Of The Comeback

New Release Report 6/5/12: The Week Of The Comeback

The boys of summer are back…The Beach Boys, that is. Find out who else has albums coming out this first week of June.

The Singles Bar: Eric Benet’s “Harriett Jones”

There are still people named Harriet? For the second single from his upcoming album, The One (due June 5th,) soul singer Eric Benet is visiting a topic quite familiar to him…the struggle of monogamy. The horn-spiked “Harriett (sp.) Jones” is pretty damn catchy and utilizes the familiarity of “Sweet Chariot” quite well without ripping off the spiritual of the same name. You pretty much know what you’re gonna get from Eric Benet at this point–either ya dig him or ya […]

The Singles Bar: Chaka Khan’s “Super Life” (Dedicated to the Memory of Trayvon Martin)

In the weeks since Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, was killed in Florida, my anger and frustration has grown in many different ways. It’s true that events like this, when brought to national attention, bring out the best in some and the worst in others. From the idiotic comments made by Geraldo Rivera to the pleas for compassion and understanding I’ve seen from others, at the very least, this case has provided a forum for people to discuss things […]

The Viewfinder: Eric Benet’s “Real Love”

As a commenter on Eric Benet’s page writes, “this man has been through some stuff.” While the mainstream pop audience only knows Eric for his brief turn as Mr. Halle Berry, the fact is that the Milwaukee-reared singer/songwriter has been a mainstay in the R&B world for two decades. There have definitely been some personal and professional ups and downs along the way, but Eric is still here, still making music, and after a lengthy stay with Warner Brothers Records, […]

New Release Report 11/30/10: It’s R&B Tuesday

There are lots of new albums coming out 11/30, including the latest from The Black Eyed Peas. Also out, new albums by the “Glee” cast, Tim McGraw, and a bunch of solid-seeming R&B records.