I am far from a hipster (or even a blipster), but based on what I know about the skinny-jeans scene, there are a lot of bears out there, and I’m not talking about bears of the Yogi variety (or of the hairy leather wearing variety, either.) From the massicely successful (and reasonably dope) Grizzly Bear to upstarts I Wrestled A Bear Once, people do dig themselves some bears.

Enter Bear Ceuse-the New York based band has gotten quite a bit of love from the blogosphere in recent times. Their sound is right in the pocket of what you’d hear at a house party in Brooklyn (or if you’re in Boston, what you’d hear at a house party in Allston). However, their latest song, “Yes Man”, has a melodic sensibility that makes me picture this song on mainstream rock radio in the Eighties next to Bob Seger and Tom Petty (well, you’d probably have to play down the guitars and give the song slightly shinier production, but you get what I’m trying to say, right??)

Grab a listen to “Yes Man” below, and if you want to hear more from the guys, go here!

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