If Nothingface and Dog Fashion Disco are no longer making new music then I am quite content for Knives Out which features former members of both bands and their upcoming debut album Black Mass Hysteria (Due on February 14th).

Knives Out is the perfect amalgamation of the two bands. Tom Maxwell’s guitars are so recognizable from his days in Nothingface as is the pummeling that his former ‘face mate Tommy Sickles delivers behind the drum kit (Maxwell has since departed to continue with HELLYEAH). On the Dog Fashion Disco/Polkadot Cadaver side you have Jasan Stepp on guitar and David Cullen on bass along with that very distinctive voice.

The voice, of course, belongs to Todd Smith. He’s the guy leading the chant that opens “Blood Everywhere” and the guy whose very melodic voice makes the chorus transcend a typical metal song. One minute he sounds like the devil incarnate, the next he sounds like an angel. It’s the beauty of Smith and the beauty overall of the Knives Out sound.

The ultra gory video for “Blood Everywhere” is below. Pre-order your copy of what’s sure to be the underground metal hit of 2012 here.

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