I have to start by making reference to the Travis Barker peen pics that have been floating around the internet recently. Man, you have been blessed with good luck in a million different ways.

I must admit to not paying a heck of a lot of attention to blink-182’s reunion album Neighborhoods. I’ve never been more than a casual fan, but the new song “After Midnight” makes me think maybe I should give the album a full, undivided listen. The video was recently released, and while the clip doesn’t seem that much different from most other blink videos (well, the members have all their clothes on and Tom DeLonge has a snazzy double chin…age is a cruel mistress, I tell ya…), the moody mid-tempo track is a winner. According to Mark Hoppus, the video is about “troubled love found in a psych ward.” Well, those are the two most beautiful people a psychiatric hospital has ever held.

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