Before you even say it, yes, Canada’s Our Lady Peace are still around. They never “went” anywhere. In fact, some of the best music of their career has been released in the past five or six years. 2005’s Healthy in Paranoid Times is still severely underrated as is its’ follow-up (2009’s Burn Burn). With a new album almost in the can and ready to be released in the new year comes a brand new single from Our Lady Peace to start 2012 off right.

“Heavyweight” is a great precursor for their upcoming eighth album. It’s got a great opening riff by Steve Mazur, a driving beat laid down by drummer Jeremy Taggart and bassist Duncan Coutts and Raine Maida’s always soaring voice which opens up the skies when the chorus hits. Do I hear hints of Naveed creeping in here?


“Heavyweight” is available now on Itunes and Amazon.



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