I am of the mind that band’s should continue to evolve from album to album. That said, I don’t feel Chevelle have done anything extraordinary since Wonder What’s Next. While I would never want them to make the same album twice, it just seems to me that they’ve done nothing to top what is, in my mind, the ultimate Chevelle record.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with Chevelle’s latest, Hats Off To The Bull. In fact, there are some really great songs on here (The title track in particular) but as a whole, it adds nothing to their catalog. They’re not even one of those bands that I stopped caring about. I genuinely get excited each time they announce a new album. I just want…more.

“Face To The Floor” is a great opener and a great single. It’s deeply rooted in Undertow-era Tool and Pete Loeffler does a great job riffing and growling throughout. “Ruse” is another one in that vein especially with Dean Bernadini’s bass work. Like I said, it’s a good album, it just does nothing. It’s like Chevelle plateaued at some point and just don’t know where to go from there.

If you wished Tool would dumb themselves down and make 3-4 minute radio jams, then Chevelle’s Hats Off To The Bull should bowl you over. Me, I want a little more from a band whose sophomore album I play regularly.

Hats Off To The Bull is out now.

Grade: C-

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