It’s that time of year again where everyone starts posting their best of lists and seeing as how there are very few metal releases due in the next few weeks, I figured I’d lead the herd and post my Top 11 of ’11 (Catchy, right?). But to add to the suspense, I’ve broken it up into two parts so you’ll just haaaaave to come back next week (You’ll come back, won’t you?).

Without further adieu, here’s numbers 11 through 6 of Metal Monday’s Top 11 of ’11:

11. A Pale Horse named Death: And Hell Will Follow…
If you love Alice In Chains and loved Type O Negative as much as me, then A Pale Horse Named Death’s debut album is definitely up your alley. Featuring former TON drummer Sal Abruscato on vox and guitars, APHND crafted a throwback album to the grunge era with roots firmly planted in the present.


10. Dir En Grey: Dum Spiro Spero
These Japanese metallers never let me down. Like Rammstein, I can’t understand a word they’re saying but it doesn’t matter because the music is so good. Dum Spiro Spero takes everything to the next level. It’s heavy as fuck in some parts, crazy melodic in others and incredibly dark throughout. Also, if Mike Patton ever loses his voice, DEG’s Kyo is definitely up for the challenge. Don’t miss them at Boston’s Paradise on 12/13. What better way to end your metal year?


9. Swarm Of Eyes: Designing The Dystopia
The thrash album of 2011? Quite possibly. Combining the best elements of Megadeth, Metallica, and Testament with death metal growls, the local boys in Swarm of Eyes created a debut that stood out above the rest and I still can’t get the blistering “Ruins of My Last Salvation” out of my head.


8. Motherboar: The Beast Becomes The Servant
Wow. What a fuckin’ album this was. Part Clutch, part Mastodon. All awesome. Boston’s Motherboar took their sound to the next level with Beast… and solidified the fact that they are a force to be reckoned with. Couple that with their amazing live shows and you have a band that is destined for great things far outside Beantown.


7. ICS Vortex: Storm Seeker
This album was such a surprise for me. I knew little to nothing about it going in and it ended up being one of my favorite debut’s this year. It’s a metal journey through and through. It starts out like a battering ram pounding into your head and then goes to places beyond. Quite simply, it’s pro, metal, and musicianship living in perfect harmony. Seriously.


6. Cave In: White Silence
I’ve been a fan of Boston’s Cave In since Jupiter was released in 2000. White Silence came out of nowhere from these guys. Their first since 2005’s Perfect Pitch Black, White Silence is s a schizophrenic album that’s the sum of all they are as individuals outside the band while holding true to the core Cave In sound. It’s also the most consistently heavy they’ve been since Until Your Heart Stops.


Stay tuned for my Top 5 of 2011 next week! Thanks for reading.



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