In honor of me not getting my ass out of a funk and heading over to Great Scott on Saturday night for their record release show, I present to you Motherboar’s The Beast Becomes The Servant review.

Winner of the 2010 Boston Music Award for Best Metal/Hardcore band and currently signed to local Born of Fire label, Boston’s Motherboar have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and they’re all out of bubblegum.

The Beast… is definitely the one you need to check out if you haven’t heard ’em yet (But seriously, they’ve been around since 2004 and you haven’t heard them yet? And you’re reading this column? C’mon!).

If you’re looking for comparisons to pull you in, think Transnational Speedway League-era Clutch mixed with Remission-era Mastodon. If you don’t believe me, just check out opener “Croctosquatch” and hear vocalist Kenny Irwin channel Neil Fallon and Troy Sanders illegitimate love child in a quick-paced two and a half minute barrage of heavy groove-laden metal. After first listen, I had to go back and make sure that wasn’t Brann Dailor on drums because the way Benny Grotto pounds and fills, it sure sounds like the Mastodon skin-basher.

“Noose of Fire” gives you a swift kick to the face and showcases the dual guitar magic of Andrew Doherty and Brian Connor while “Camel Puncher” is easily my favorite on the record. It starts slow, finds a steady flow thanks to Joe Grotto’s bass play and builds to a behemoth of a song.

And that’s just three songs in. I’ll let you check out the rest of The Beast Becomes The Servant and hear for yourself. Buy it now wherever good music is sold…or on that Itunes thing if you don’t like CD’s….

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