One of the better moments during Sunday’s American Music Awards was watching Robin Thicke (who is definitely his father’s son) goof his way through the proper pronunciation of Ellie Goulding’s name while presenting an award. Not sure if the brief appearance on the award show will do anything to promote sales of his upcoming fifth album Love After War, but hell…he doesn’t have to do anything to convert me anyway.

The video for the album’s first single and title track has hit the small screen, and it’s pretty much a literal translation of the song’s lyrics, featuring mucho screen time from Robin’s foine-ass wife, actress Paula Patton. The twosome welcomed a child last year, and after hearing this song and watching the accompanying video clip, you can pretty much rest assured that many couples across this great land of ours will be making attempts to follow in Robin and Paula’s footsteps. The song’s dope, the visual is nice (although it feels a little creepy-looking-in-your-neighbor’s-window weird), and Robin’s album is out on December 8th, so make sure you grab a copy.

Oh, and Rob…eat a cheeseburger or something. And stop shaving your chest. Your dad looked like a gorilla with his shirt off back in the day. There’s no way you came out with an upper body smoother than a baby’s ass.

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