Almost anyone that writes anything this time of year spends their column inches telling the world that for which they’re most thankful. I have no problem with these columns, in fact I spend a lot of my time telling you why I’m thankful, what I’m thankful for, etc. so instead of going with the flow I’ve decided to spend a little bit of time commenting on some of the worlds ills. In some cases you’re just going to get my insight, which really is worth the price of admission alone. In other cases I may have the solution to the problems that have been hexing the world. Without further chatter then, here are some of my observations from the last few weeks on both the issues that matter and those completely meaningless.

The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame-It’s that time of the year again, time for the Hall of Fame to nominate bands into its hallowed halls. Each year it seems the process means less and less. As the Hall continues to ignore acts that Jann Wenner doesn’t deem acceptable and fights the fights to right the wrongs he perceives in the history of music the idea of a rock n roll hall of fame becomes a larger sham with every passing cycle. As long as acts as vitally important to the genre as Deep Purple, Kiss, Rush and Journey are snubbed; as long as acts as marginally important to rock (not pop, rock) as Madonna and Grand Master Flash; as long as acts that have no business in the hall such as Erik B and Rakim are nominated while these acts and others who have played a far, far larger role in the development of rock are passed over the hall means nothing more than a nice dinner and a sometimes a good made for TV concert. The hall is a nice museum, until it changes its processes that’s all it will ever be. Hear me Wenner,I’m calling you out, what are you going to do about it?

Penn State-What a horrible, horrible mess. Full disclosure on a couple of issues here, I live in Pittsburgh so have been inundated with news about this awful situation, I work for a radio station that broadcasts Penn State football so I’m even more inundated with the situation and I hate football so I’m not enamored or in awe of any of the principles in the situation. Of course Paterno should have been fired. Any CEO of any corporation that was in charge when something like this went down would be fired, Paterno is no different. Not being a football fan I have no sense of history with this guy, he’s just an old man that screwed up, choose money over morality and is paying the price. Rich guys like Franco Harris should just shut up (that guys for our Mayor too who isn’t old enough to have his opinion count). And as for the Penn State students, come on, what the hell’s the matter with you?! Obviously showing why you got into a state school right (that’s a joke don’t send angry e-mails.) Here’s a general rule, if a guy covers up or ignores someone under him serially raping children you don’t get to riot about his removal. Oh yeah, one more general rule, rioting doesn’t show support or an opinion, it only proves you’re a moron. I’ve said for years college football should cease to exist. Make a minor league system, remove the money and power from these institutions and let the colleges concentrate on what they should, the education of those who are paying for it.

NBA-As little as I know about football and college football, I know even less about basketball. Luckily, I live in Pittsburgh and you’ll have to trust me if you don’t live here, there isn’t one professional basketball fan. I kid you not, we could care less about the sport, have never supported it and I doubt we ever will. Soccer gets as much attention as basketball and curling is probably a bigger draw during the winter Olympics than basketball. That being said, as an outsider here’s my advice—stop it. Your almost billionaires playing a ridiculous game, making far more than other sports for doing far less with much less of an education than anyone else making the type of money you do. No one cares. Really, no one. You make far too much money, we aren’t sympathetic. Shut up and start playing your silly game again.

U.S. Politics-How the hell have we gotten to this point? Oh yeah, I remember, the same way we got into the mess we’re in with Penn State, money. Money has to be removed from politics and you do that by cutting off the lobbyists. We’re in deep shit right now and it’s all because lobbyists have convinced politicians not to cut their special program. Want to fix the deficit, get us out of debt? Raise taxes on the rich and cut special programs. It’s simple, make more than a million dollars, guess what, you’re rich, now pay more taxes; want to fund your museum that only 25 people visit a year, guess what you’re a special program and now you’re cut. It’s simple. Here’s a few other nuggets, Occupy Wall Street get your head out of your ass, you have no platform, no goals and no set of principles. You look and are acting like whiney babies. Republicans, your nominees are awful and can’t win, not that we were going to vote for you anyway. Tea Paty, you’re still awful. OK, I think that’s enough about politics for now.

OK, I could go on but it’s a holiday week and I have shopping to get done. These are only a few issues and I haven’t really spent a lot of time on any of them. I’m sure we’ll touch them again. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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