I have no idea why I love Jennifer Lopez’s Love? as much as I do. I also have no idea why I watched About A Boy starring Hugh Grant for the umpteenth time the other night. Things happen and we can’t explain them, alright?  Anyway, Jenny from the block is back with “Papi”, her latest single from the aforementioned record. It’s also my favorite song from the album. Don’t let me sway you though. Listen to “Papi” once and I guarantee you’ll be hypnotized by the refreshed dance diva and the sick beats by RedOne, BeatGeek, and Jimmy Joker.

Onto the video…

The video is clever, I’ll give it that. J.Lo takes a big bite of a love cookie (It’s not as dirty as it sounds) and every guy around falls in love with her. Hilarity ensues culminating with a massive dance off at the climax. All in all, a great video for a fun song.

But I’m biased. What do you think?

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