Canadian chanteuse Feist has been off the scene for a few years, taking some time for herself and chillin’ (said in Bruhman from “Martin” voice). However, her hiatus ends this week with the release of Metals, her third album. Don’t read too much into the title, Feist hasn’t decided to go all Judas Priest on us, although that would be kinda interesting.

She leads the pack of new releases this week, followed closely by Scotty McCreery, who you might know as the winner of the 10th season of some show called “American Idol”. Nope, never heard of it before either. Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer the same fate as last year’s winner: Lee DeWyze’s album went double wood in a hurry. But looks like Scott has the Middle American country vote, and that could result in big sales for the youngster’s debut album, called Clear As Day.

Elsewhere in the world of releases, DJ Shadow is back with a new album, entitled The Less You Know, The Better. It took a long time for Entroducing (his magnum opus) to grow on me, but it finally did. With a guest lineup that includes everyone from Tom Vek to Talib Kweli, this might be the sleeper album of the week.

The rest of this week’s lineup features folk-pop duo Indigo Girls, still strummin’ and singin’ away after more than two decades. Not around for as long (but as dependable for fans of their particular strain of rock), New Found Glory release their new album Radiosurgery. Want something harder? Then go with the first album in ten years from The Misfits. The Devil’s Rain. Glenn Danzig and friends are here and they’re ready to melt your faces off.

Misfits too hard for you? Then cool out with the latest from jazz guitar legend George Benson called (appropriately) Guitar Man. Too smooth? Rough things up ever so slightly with James Morrison. The British singer’s soulful sound has yet to catch on big here in the States, and I don’t know that his third album, Awakening, is gonna help matters much. It’s produced by Bernard Butler from Suede, a British band that had a similarly hard time getting any love in the States.

Finally, are you ready for Christmas? I’m not (hell, I’m still wearing shorts), but Chicago is. Not the city, the band. They kick off the holiday season with Chicago XXXIII: O Christmas Three. I can’t say I’ll be buying this particular album, but something tells me that my friends Jeff and Jason over at Popdose may have something to say about it as part of their always-entertaining holiday series “Mellowmas”.

As ever, make sure you’re checking out Pause and Play for the latest and greatest involving new releases.

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