If you’re gonna make a record that references Mick Jagger in the title, you’re gonna have to reference him in the video too, yeah?

“Moves Like Jagger” is the song that unites two of the four hosts of the hit TV show “The Voice” for the first time (Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera), and the upbeat tune has become one of this summer’s biggest hit. The videoclip combines archival footage of Jagger with a series of people imitating his most famous moves (most of which just involve strutting a lot. Oh, and then there’s the finger wave.) It’s kinda cute.

I could’ve done without seeing Adam Levine’s bony, tattooed chest (he’s shirtless for almost the entire video). I wonder if he and Cee-Lo Green have ever had a tattoo comparing contest? Also, Christina’s presence in the video is oddly muted. Not a criticism or anything, just an observation. At any rate, the success of this song hopefully puts both acts on the comeback trail after their most recent efforts, which were commercially and critically underwhelming.

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