A few artistically eclectic albums, followed by the solid Monsters of Folk album, a fantastic guest appearance on a Roots song, and their epic live performances (including one where I was so close that Jim James himself could’ve kicked me in the head if he wanted to)? Yeah, you can say I’m solidly on team My Morning Jacket. They’re commercial, but adventurous, and…yeah…those live shows, among the best that I’ve seen.

Their latest album, Circuital, came out about a month and a half ago, and opened in the Top 10 of Billboard’s album charts. It’s a bit weird for a band to release a first video this far into an album cycle, but MMJ premiered the clip for “Holdin’ On To Black Metal” last night. First off, the song title is a misnomer, as the track is actually a little more on the softer tip than MMJ usually is (and there’s very little “metal”-ish about their music on a normal basis). The video, however…trippy as fuck. I think I remember reading an interview with James recently in which he says he doesn’t do drugs? Well, how the FUCK do you explain this video? It combines performance footage with some seriously bizarre visual effects. It gives you that “high but I’m really not” feeling that might have you wondering if that cookie you had earlier today was really laced with something.

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