How long has it been since blink-182 disbanded? 5 years? 6 years? A decade? It certainly feels like a long-ass time. And for the past two years or so, it seems as though they’ve been touring with no record…until now.

Finally-Tom, Mark And Travis are back with a new little ditty entitled “Up All Night”. The song is the first release from their upcoming album Neighborhoods, which is due at the end of September. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from blink-182. Travis is a beast on the drums, the vocals are as delightfully whiny as ever, and…wait a second. It sounds like the boys, as they approach their forties, might be…growing up? It’s entirely possible. This leads me to believe that their comeback album just might be worth listening to. It doesn’t sound like +44. It doesn’t sound like Angels & Airwaves. It doesn’t sound like a Travis Barker solo record. It sounds like blink-182 should sound in 2011. Welcome back, guys.

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