Most of the masses may know him by his alter ego Robbie Roadsteamer or by his appearances on Quiet Desperation but now it’s time you came to know him as Rob Potylo because he’s making beautiful no frills music and is a local artist you should definitely be paying attention to. His latest release And The Lonely Planets is, quite simply, 11 tracks you need to hear in 2011.

“Fall From That Drain” and “18 Hours” open up And The Lonely Planets in a downtrodden fashion with songs that could easily fit on any Mark Lanegan album as Potylo takes to the low register with his voice. “Your DNA” picks up the pace with a steady beat and some great guitar solos while “I’ll Hit My Beer” is filled with poetic lines like “Shit falls out of our mouths like Niagra Falls”. Then there’s the horn flourishes in “I Hear Your Snare” and the way the vocals are produced throughout And The Lonely Planets to give listeners that shimmering feeling of old ’50’s records…in short, there’s a lot good to say about Potylo’s latest album.

I always love when artists have a unifying theme throughout a record so hearing closer “Always See Red” bring back elements of “Fall From That Drain” definitely made me smile. It’s a pretty good coda to a great album, also.

At times comical, other times reflective and serious but always enjoyable, And The Lonely Planets is an album you needed to own yesterday. And The Lonely Planets is out now. Buy it here and here or go over to TT The Bear’s and see for yourself live this Friday, July 1st.


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