There’s a period of anticipation that’s understandable for an album, and then there’s a point you get to where it’s like “HOLY SHIT! WILL YOU JUST RELEASE THE FUCKING ALBUM ALREADY?!??!” I think Patrick Stump’s Soul Punk is starting to inch towards the latter.

However, there is a beacon of light!! The internets recently unleashed “This City”, which might be the first official single from Stump’s long-awaited solo debut. The electro-pop flavor that Stump’s recent solo work has is still very much in place here, as is a very Eighties’ influence. Actually, this song gives me SO much Eighties that I keep singing Starship’s “We Built This City” to myself when I play this song. Do you think that’s coincidental? (I’m being half-serious here.)

Stump’s signature breathless, hyper-dramatic vocals are present, and he’s joined by Lupe Fiasco. Recently on my shit list  for his public comments labeling President Obama a terrorist (and making a phenomenally average album), Lupe redeems himself somewhat with his verse on the track.

Now can SOMEONE put the album out already?!??! Geez!

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