Some of you might remember Kevin Michael, who was an upstart in the music game a couple of years ago. With his Jackson-esque Afro and pop/funk sound, he sounded like Lenny Kravitz’s funkier younger brother and looked like he walked off of St. Mark’s Place circa 1993. His self-titled debut album didn’t do incredibly well, but it got him some notice and was a halfway decent record.

Well, Kevin is back in the form of THEY. Kevin is also no longer known as Kevin anymore, preferring to go by “K”. He’s backed by an all-female band (according to THEY’s Facebook page) and they’ve got an EP scheduled for release in June.

First single is called “Fatback”, and this record is funkier than your drawers would be after wearing them for a week. Definitely one of my favorite discoveries so far this year. If the rest of THEY’s EP is like this, then sign me up!

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