Anomie is an album that has somehow managed to encapsulate all that Tim Skold is up to this point (Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, etc) yet go above and beyond into the future with guns blazin’.

Teased for almost 2 years now and 15 years since his debut, Anomie is a brilliant return for Tim Skold.

Starting with “(This Is My) Elephant”, Anomie gives off a vibe more in the vein of Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen” then say, “Chaos”, the lead song off of Skold. It’s a dark and forboding track and definitely Tim Skold. Just different.

If you want to know about first single “Suck”, just go here. It’s a rabble rouser. Let’s leave it at that. Next is “Black Out” which is a sinister industrial masterpiece as Skold scowls “Grind, grind, grind…your knuckles to the bone/There’s hardly nothing left/To bag up and ship home”. The hypnotic pounding throughout is truly mesmerizing and a testament to the industrial skills Skold has honed through the years.

The best part about a new Skold album in 2011 is all the surprises within. There’s “Here Comes The Thunder” with a hint of white-boy reggae a la The Police, the straight up thrash of “Angel of Noise”, “The Hunger”‘s quiet acoustic beauty, and the dancefloor-ready “Tonight”.  If you ever thought Tim Skold was a one-trick industrial metal pony then Anomie is just the album to prove you wrong.

Well worth the wait? Absolutely!

And if this wasn’t enough Skold for ya, be on the look out for the debut album from Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult which features Skold in its ranks (Along with members of Turbonegro, Extol, Apoptygma Bezerk, and Celtic Frost). He’s not singing here, but anything with the Skold stamp of approval is good enough for me. Wouldn’t you agree? Watch this spot for more on them soon. For now you can get a taste right here.

Anomie is out on Tuesday, May 10th. Go here for samples and to order your own.

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