Casey Abrams was kicked out for the second time this season and he gave it his all. You have to give it up for a guy who continually sang songs he knew weren’t recognizable and would probably hurt him in the end. Either that, or shake your head at the silliness for continuing to test that audience.

Before we get to the hotlist, I finally figured out who it is that Haley reminds me of when she sings in that growling style voice. Rudy Huxtable. Yes, the little girl from the Cosby Show who is now a very attractive young thirty-something actress. In one of the most famous episodes of Cosby Show history, the family performs Ray Charles’ version of Night Time Is The Right Time. Young Rudith does Margie Hendricks’ raspy growl of, “Bay-bayyyyyy!” Haley’s growl can’t hold Margie’s growl’s jockstrap in a suitcase, but what I think about when I hear Haley is young Rudy. Haley reminds me of someone acting the part, rather than someone who actually is the part. Maybe it’s because she’s young. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have a ton of stage presence when she’s not singing. But when I hear her, I think immature and childish Rudy Huxtable.

Go to the 57 second mark and see young Rudith do her Margie impersonation.

Let’s get to the hotlist.

1. Lauren Alaina – She’s been my pick from day one.
2. Jacob Lusk – I know, he’s not winning this, but that’s not my fault.
3. James Durbin – I think he can start selling himself here and possibly be in the top two.
4. Scotty McCreery – Consistent for sure, but hasn’t really stretched himself.
5. Haley Reinhart – Rudy Huxtable

The Defeated
1. Poor Young Ashthon Jones
2. Poor Karen Rodriguez
3. Poor Naima Adedapo
4. Poor Thia Megia
5. Poor Pia Toscano
6. Poor Paul McDonald
7. Poor Stefano Langone
8. Poor (and bearded) Casey Abrams

J. Lo Booty Alert
Once again, the judges were seated as the show started. I’m sad.

Hey, Sheryl Crow is on the show tonight. I wonder if she’s going to be wearing a Livestrong bracelet?

Big Game James Durbin is hitting leadoff with Closer To The Edge by 30 Seconds To Mars. James had his stage game on and had to because the song was a bit boring for this show. He did his trademark wail, but it seemed a little forced. Steven says he kicked that song’s ass. J. Lo says America’s feeling it and the show is his to take. Randall says he’s showing where he can go as an artist.

ohsmartie says:

James sounds like he stuck his hand in a blender while someone twisted his nipples at the same time, JFC. #SOBAD #idol

Jacob Lusk is singing No Air. Um, why this song again? I think he’s really trying to channel his inner Jordin Sparks. He’s doing that odd hip thrust where he sticks his butt out like he’s in a Sir Mix-A-Lot video again. I think my man just bought his ticket to Ashthon Jones-ville. J. Lo says he should cultivate his sound in this direction. Randall says it was corny singing both parts of the duet and it was sharp. Steven says he needs to find that certain voice that’s him, rather than a copy of others.

ksay4sf says:

I think it’s time for Jacob to go home. #AmericanIdol

Lauren Alaina is singing Flat On The Floor by Carrie Underwood, which is smart because she needs to follow in those footsteps. Her vocals weren’t quite on point, but she had a fun and energetic performance. These types of performances win the show. Randall says it was fun and amazing. Steven says it was as good as it gets. J. Lo says she has that look.

elliehempleman says:

Lauren…you’re sweet music to my ears. Owned the stage, at 16. Blows me away every time. So young, so much talent. #idol10

Scotty McCreery is singing Gone, and no, it’s not the ‘N Sync version. In what seems to be a theme so far, I dug the performance. He showed major charisma tonight. The singing was pretty bland, but when you get the crowd moving like that, it really doesn’t matter. Steven says he danced with the devil tonight. J. Lo says he owned the stage. Randall says he was at concert Scotty.

Ben1to10 says:

Wow, Scotty is working the crowd tonight! #idol10

Haley Reinhart is up last in the first round of performances and she’s singing an unreleased Lady Gaga song called You And I. I hope she doesn’t wear meat clothing. She’s wearing the tightest pants imaginable and is showing off that baby thigh. I thought the song started out slowly, but she definitely picked it up and she really closed the hell out of it. J. Lo says she wasn’t sure singing the unreleased song was the best idea. Randall says he’s not sure the song did her any favors. Steven says it was risky, though beautiful.

jflorez says:

I think Haley did an awesome job with the Gaga song. Voting for Haley 2night.#idol. #idol10

Big Game James is back for his second song. He’s singing Without You. This is interesting, though I think it was a mistake in the end. It’s the type of song that I think Adam Lambert would’ve killed and Lambertized. James closed strong, but it was one of those opportunities for him to stand out and he didn’t. Randall says it wasn’t perfect, but it was emotionally perfect and it’s his competition to lose. Steven says that was as beautiful as it gets, even though it was pitchy. J. Lo says he’s a true, true artist.


So they call Jacob out on being sharp, but don’t mention James? #favoritism #americanidol #AI10 #Idol10


How convenient. The waterworks were on at the end of James’ song. #idol10

Jacob Lusk is next with Love Hurts. Sheryl has been singing with the kids while mentoring them and showing off some great chops. I know, people are going to make the My Ears Hurt jokes. It was a bit all over the place, but in the end, it was much better than his first performance and I enjoyed it. Steven says he felt the passion. J. Lo says he brought it home in the end. Randall says he redeemed himself.

mrburnslady says:

Ok, jacob maybe you’ll stay. Well good bye scotty.

Lauren Alaina is back again with Simon Cowell’s favorite song, Unchained Melody. She showed off her singing chops for sure, but in a reverse of her first performance, it was a bit boring. J. Lo says it was beautiful and there was nothing to judge. Randall says it was tender and nicely done. Steven says it was ripe and perfect.

mrbjorke says:

Lauren slayed that song but it is very sleepy #idol10

TaraAshley says:

Strangely, I liked that it was sleepy. Loved the vocal inflections.

Scotty McCreery is singing Always On My Mind, but the Elvis version. It was nice and understated and he dressed up to look the part. He had his grown-man on. J. Lo says he showed them what a well-rounded artist he is. Randall says if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Steven says he can’t pick it apart and called it, beautiful, which is his favorite word.


I’m 1/4 Boricua too; STILL can’t stand Scotty! #americanidol #idol #idol10


Scotty!!! Bye Bye Baby!!! #AmericanIdol

And Haley Reinhart and her teeth are closing out the show. They are singing House Of The Rising Sun. Sheryl told her to start a capella. Well, that’s why she’s the mentor, because it worked very well. Ok, it was probably her marquee performance of the season. I can’t make fun of her for being Rudy Huxtable after this song. Damn. Randall says it was the best performance of the night. Steven says she was sweet and sour and raspy and she sold the song. J. Lo says it was a great job.


Giving Haley a standing ovation for the goosebumps she gave me. #Idol10


haley just owned the stage with house of the rising sun. perfection. #idol10

I think my homey Jacob is a goner. I hate to say it because the dude is ultra-talented, but he didn’t hit one homerun tonight. I also think Scotty jumped over James, and while I’d still keep Haley in last, one more week of performances like that and it makes the race for second place tough. Of course, Lauren has this thing right now. Seacrest out!

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