Perry, Dave, and Stephen are baaaaaaaack!

I love Jane’s Addiction. I love Nothing’s Shocking, Ritual, even Strays. To say I am excited for the upcoming release in August would be an understatement. The group is iconic. Perry Farrell’s voice is unmistakable, Dave Navarro makes his guitar scream so good and Stephen Perkins can do it all behind the kit.

Your first taste of The Great Escape Artist was just released and it sounds like Jane’s have found the magic again. With a simple bass to start backed by Perkins almost “Pets” like percussion, “End To The Lies” explodes thanks to the dual attack of Perry’s voice and Navarro’s wail. It’s a mix of tribal Jane’s with hints of the bombast of “Just Because” off Strays.

What do you think? I’m definitely curious for more and anxious to hear what TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek contributed.

The Great Escape Artist is out in August, first single “End To The Lies” is available fro free download here.

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