I have not liked a Foo Fighters single since “All My Life” was released from One By One in 2002. Not surprising, One By One was also the last Foos record I liked all the way through. Until now, that is.  I could tell you how I think In Your Honor should’ve been one album and that Echoes… is a throwaway but why waste all that time and energy on negativity?

In theory, Wasting Light should be amazing. It’s produced by Butch Vig, recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage with only analog equipment and features Bob Mould, Krist Novosleic and the return of Pat Smear to the Foos ranks.

I can tell you that in execution, it IS amazing

Right from the start, “Bridge Burning” presents a reinvigorated Foo Fighters. The crescendo to the big build is classic and when Grohl screams “These are my famous last words!” you’ll be hoping that he’s lying.

I’ve already said I love first single “Rope”. It starts unsuspectingly enough until some intricate guitar licks come in and make way for the bombast of Taylor Hawkins drumming. Bob Mould pops up on “Dear Rosemary” and his unique voice fits nicely when harmonized with Grohl on some classic ’90’s alt-rock. It’s a Foos song but you could easily hear it on a Sugar or Bob Mould release, too.

“White Limo” is where it’s at, though. It sounds as if it was ripped from 1995 and the Foos debut record. It’s lo-fi, heavy, thrashy, and totally balls-to-the-wall. If you like Grohl’s heavier side (Probot, Killing Joke’s 2003 album), then this is the song for you.



Can I point out something?

Dave Grohl gets behind the kit for Queen of the Stone Age’s Songs For The Deaf and the resulting Foos record is One By One, which is decidedly way more rock than the band had done until then. Seven years later, Grohl gets behind the kit for Them Crooked Vultures and the resulting Foos record (Which you should be holding in your hand right now!), Wasting Light, is an immediate stand out in the already impressive Foo Fighters catalog thanks to the abrasive sound throughout. Josh Homme, you’re a God.

I’m not going to get into the lyrical content and which songs may or may not be about Kurt here (Because there are some). That’s for the listener to decide. I am going to say that 7 albums in and more than 15 years into their career,  the Foos have created their own legacy that’ll (rightly) stand the test of time alongside that “other” band Dave Grohl used to be in. Wasting Light is a testament to that.



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