It’s taken me a bit of time to really appreciate TV on the Radio musically. Aesthetically, as a largely black band playing music that’s not traditionally “black”, they’ve intrigued me from jump. Ultimately, though, I thought Return to Cookie Mountain (which the music press completely jizzed over) was OK. I actually didn’t buy the follow up, Dear Science, when it came out, although a friend hooked me up with a copy and it was (to my ears) a pretty vast improvement over it’s predecessor.

Now, the dudes with the baddest beards in rock ‘n roll are back. Nine Types of Light, their fourth studio album, comes out in just two weeks, and a tour is commencing. Unfortunately, the launch of the tour is set against the backdrop of bassist Gerard Smith’s lung cancer diagnosis. Hopefully, Gerard will be on the mend soon and will be able to celebrate the impending success of Nine Types of Light, which is set to be their most commercially successful album yet.

The first video from this album, “Will Do”, is a bit weird in that sci-fi/”Great Space Coaster” kinda way. The song itself is one of the band’s more accessible efforts. Looking forward to hearing what the rest of this album sounds like!


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