One 2011 release that snuck up on me out of nowhere is the latest from She Wants Revenge, tentatively due at the end of May. Besides all the industrial metal albums coming out this spring, Valley Heart is probably my most anticipated release this year.

A co-worker of mine suggested them to me right before their first EP came out in late 2005 and I’ve been in love with them ever since. Dark, disturbing yet still sensual and seductive with lyrical content to match, She Wants Revenge is another band that makes me yearn for Man Ray to finally be resurrected.

They’re back with their first full-length in 4 years (In this day and age, why do bands keep waiting so long between records…). That’s not to say they haven’t  been actively touring and recording. They’ve released 2 EP’s since then (The phenomenal Save Your Soul in 2008 and the lackluster Up & Down in 2009) and have done some small headlining tours and, most recently, opened for Psychedelic Furs on their summer tour last year.

Now they’re ready to “Take The World” again with a slew of West Coast dates as well as appearances at SXSW and Coachella.



Their first official single “Must Be The One” is slated to impact everywhere on March 15th but they’ve already released a video for the song “Take The World” that shows that they’ve added some New Wave overtones (Inspired by the Furs tour, perhaps?) to their repertoire. Ok, so the beginning sounds a lot like Madonna’s “Justify My Love” but once you get past that, it’s pure SWR with lush keyboards and Justin Warfield’s unmistakable voice.

As for “Must Be The One”, I envision it being played at the end of Ferris Bueller when Ferris is having a moment with Sloane just before he takes off to beat his family home.  Or at the end of any John Hughes movie for that matter.  Am I right?



Want more (free) She Wants Revenge? Head over to the main site for some “Take The World” remixes and then surf on over to SWR co-conspirator DJ Adam 12’s Soundcloud page for exclusive B-sides and other goodies.

May cannot come soon enough.

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