I know it’s a little short, but it was a slow week in the NBA this week:

¼ of the Cavs wins this season are against the Knicks. Luckily for the Knicks they won’t have to face the Cavs in the playoffs

FYI to all NBA players out there; After Samardo Samuals dunked the ball against the Knicks, JJ Hickson laughed….and got a technical. So laughing is now added to the giant list of reasons players will get a technical this season.

Who would have thought, but it seems building a well-rounded team works better than having a couple of stars and surrounding them with garbage. (see Chicago, San Antonio, Denver, Oklahoma City vs. New York and Miami)

Why is it a headline whenever a player posts something on twitter? Am I missing something or is Twitter overrated?

Erik Spoelstra just said “There are a couple of guys crying there in the locker room.” Wasn’t it like two months ago that they were talking about winning 6-8 championships? Maybe if they weren’t such pansies and toughened up instead of crying they’d win more.

Make sure you’re checking out Jay’s site and podcast for all the up-to-the-minute Knick news. You can also find him on the very overrated Twitter. For my money, any team with Marc Jax, Oak and John Starks in their prime is gonna win a 7-game series over any other Knick team over the course of the past thirty years, but make sure you vote for which all-Knick team is the best!

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