It just struck me…maybe Jimmy Fallon got the idea for the Barry Gibb talk show from this performance?

The year was 2003. After a three year run as America’s best-selling act, *Nsync had already splintered, and singer Justin Timberlake was well on his way to solo superstardom via his album, Justified. Even with that in mind, no one could have known that the group’s appearance on that year’s Grammy Awards show would wind up being their last televised appearance as a group.

No one also would have been able to foretell Maurice Gibb’s unexpected death less than two months before this live tribute to him as well as his brothers Robin and Barry. The Gibbs were being recognized for lifetime achievements in the music world, and who better to tribute some of the original blue-eyed soul boys than a group that clearly took some inspiration from the leisure-suited Aussies?

The third of *Nsync’s three Grammy performance, this is far and away the best. Although they trip up a little during “How Deep is Your Love” (a deceptively difficult song to sing), the harmonizing is sick, and done without any mic or vocal trickery (it doesn’t appear that anyone’s mic is turned up any louder than anyone else’s-a testament to the power all five men had as vocalists), and even JT’s beatboxing during “Stayin’ Alive” is cute. This is a loving tribute and true (vocal) musicianship at work.

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