If there’s one pop singer I think I’d enjoy sitting in a bar having a beer with, it’s Pink. Despite beginning her career with not one, but two gimmicks (ooh…a white girl who sings R&B, and LOOK, she has pink hair!!), Alecia Moore has outlasted the majority of pop tarts who came out at the same time by virtue of two things: talent and pluck. No girl singer from that era can sing better (with the exception of Christina), and unlike Xtina, Pink has a realness factor in her corner. Listening to her songs, you feel real emotion and not just technique. Besides, she’s a sassy broad without being nasty or a bitch. If I got into a bar brawl, I’d want her on my side, and I know she’d have no problem kicking some ass.

Which brings me to her latest video, “Fuckin’ Perfect”. I decided not to use the version with edited lyrics because hey, we’re all adults here, right? Besides, it’s just a word…let’s get over it. The second of the two new tracks on her Greatest Hits…So Far album, bith song and video serve as an inspirational message to her fan base. The fact that it manages to make it’s point without being cloying or patronizing wins my kudos. The fact that Pink appears in the video even though she’s about to pop with child earns even more kudos in my book.

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