* Mark Jackson said on TV that Carmelo Anthony could put the New York Knicks in title contention. A dynamic duo of ‘Melo and Stoudemire is admittedly amazing to think about, but even if they land ‘Melo, I still think New York isn’t defensive-minded enough to reach that next level. They looked impressive against San Antonio recently, but they better hope Boston and Miami have some injury issues come playoff time, because the playoffs are a different story. With all that said, and regardless if they get ‘Melo or not, this sure has been an exciting season for Knicks fans for the first time in ages.

* The Cleveland Cavaliers may well end up with the worst record in the league by the time the season concludes. The further the season goes on, the worse they look. As annoying as LeBron’s spectacle was in many ways, his leaving in and of itself is looking more and more justified now.

* The Los Angeles Lakers look like they are back on track after an embarrassing stretch that was over-dramatized more than it should have been by the media. They will still be the team to beat come playoff time unless they deal with a season-ending injury to Kobe or Pau Gasol.

* I predict the Slam Dunk Contest will be the most lop-sided of all time. Gimpy Jennings poses little threat, and does anyone really think Javale McGee and Serge Ibaka pose any challenge to Blake Griffin? I just hope Blake doesn’t cruise his way through – last year’s contest was arguably the worst in history, so we need some excitement to resurrect a contest that’s been dying like it was in the late ’90s all over again.

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