Was a point in time when Boston hip-hop was on the come up. In the early Nineties, you had Ed O.G., Guru, a couple of years later you had Mr. Lif, and if you were a pop-rap kinda guy or girl, you had Michael Bivins, Ron DeVoe and Donnie & Mark Wahlberg representing for the hip-hop generation in Beantown. Since then, Boston’s been overtaken as a hip-hop hub by cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta. But even with Guru’s death last year, there are still artists carrying the torch for Boston rappers.

Nixon Nyce originates from Brooklyn (like me), but he now calls Boston his home (also like me). Unlike me, though, dude can spit. If you call yourself a hip-hop fan, you might want to check out his latest mixtape, entitled Sooner Than Later. It’s a refreshing break from the mush-mouthed garbage being crapped out by the likes of Waka Flocka and Soulja Boy these days. (OK, I know they’re easy targets…I’ll leave them alone now)

Download Sooner Than Later here.

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