Dear readers, you read that correctly.

Most of you who frequent this site are familiar with Carlos Halston as one half of danceable synth duo Halston. However, Carlos, ever the busy bee, has a side project entitled Muscle Milk. Their latest effort is a funky jam entitled “White Van (Earl’s Song)” (I almost typed “White Fan”…freudian slip much?). It’s dedicated to Earl Simmons-the man many of you know and love (or at least know) as chart-topping rapper turned official greeter at the county jail DMX.

Like my friend Jonny Ice (who at least has the excuse of being from Yonkers), ol’ Carlos has an affinity for Dark Man X, and it’s made clear once you give this song (which is arguably better than anything X ever recorded) a listen. I must admit to being somewhat disappointed that there are no dog barks, random shouts of “what?” or pleas for prayer anywhere on “White Van”. Only those things would have made this a proper tribute.

Let us pray…

And then let us listen: Check out “White Van (Earl’s Song)” here. There’s a link to their Facebook if you click on the “Muscle Milk” link at the top of the Bandcamp page. Like ’em!!

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