I suppose we’re now in the appropriate time period to be playing Christmas music. I personally have been there for about a week. I fired up Prince’s “Another Lonely Christmas” on the iPod (admittedly, not the most festive of tunes) the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m actively looking for a copy of the Salsoul Orchestra Christmas album online.

With the spirit of the season slowly working it’s way through my body, I figured now would be the appropriate time to start sharing Christmas music with you. First up? Coldplay. Chris Martin & co. have decided to tide fans over until their next album with a song entitled “Christmas Lights”. My first impression upon hearing it? It sounds exactly like a Coldplay Christmas song is supposed to sound. That’s not a bad thing-although I think this particular tune might need some time to grow on me. I just wish Chris would put a lid on the spastic dance-like movements, especially since the song doesn’t call for them.

Want a little more ho ho ho in your life? Head on over to George Michael’s website. The fresh-outta-the-clink pop icon is releasing a special Christmas EP containing a 2010 version of his “December Song” (which was only released a year or two ago-why the quick update?) along with a couple of songs recorded live at Abbey Road. Interestingly, George covers Joni Mitchell’s “Edith & the Kingpin”. This EP will be available digitally on December 12th, and if you preorder through George’s website, you get a new animated version of the “December Song” video.

That’s not enough to entice me to preorder, personally (I’ve seen “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” enough, thanks), but I will be checking online for that Joni cover. Meantime, why don’t you check out a bloated George performing “December Song” on “X-Factor”.

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