You’d think the relatively sedate history of A Tribe Called Quest would result in a fairly boring documentary, since there never seemed to be any bad vibes among the individual  members.  However, after seeing the trailer for the documentary “Beats, Rhymes and Life”, it becomes clearly obvious that this is a lot more than a movie about Tribe’s creative process. It’s dramatic enough that group leader Q-Tip has distanced himself from the project, saying that he won’t support it on account of several group members’ wishes for the film not being taken into consideration. Is that Tip protecting his art? Tip protecting his friendships with Phife, Ali and Jarobi? Or is it Tip worried that the film will cast him in a negative light? Or (asks cynical Blerd) is Tip just trying to drum up publicity for the film?

Whatever Q-Tip’s doing, it won’t stop me from checking out this movie when it comes out. “Beats” looks hella interesting. The history of the group is reasonably interesting, the dynamics of Tip’s and Phife’s relationship appear to be incredibly interesting, and you know the music will, of course, be dope. Michael Rapaport (who was hip-hop long before being hip-hop was cool for Middle America) appears to have put his foot in this one for real.

“Beats, Rhymes & Life” premieres at Sundance early next year. Not sure when it’ll come to theaters, although I’d bet that it won’t be showing anywhere in Boston. So I guess I’ll be waiting for the DVD release?

(dammit. Rapaport pulled the trailer off of YouTube and I can’t find it anywhere else. So, until it shows up again-which it will-here’s some classic Tribe for y’all).

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