I’ve been working overtime like Diana Ross to get you reviews on the hottest albums out. Head on over to Popdose to see how I feel about two of this week’s major releases?

I have given the Black Eyed Peas a lot of grief, but it’s not as though I’m the type of person that would completely close his mind to appreciating anything they put out. Actually, I saw them in concert earlier this year and I came away having enjoyed the energy and spectacle of it all, if not the music. So I listened to “The Beginning” with as open a mind as I could muster. It didn’t help.

Meanwhile, I was practically salivating to get my hands on El DeBarge’s “Second Chance”. If I was to make a list of great underappreciated soul vocalists, El would chart pretty high. Come to think of it, maybe I should make a list like that. Anyway, I don’t know if anything is worth a 16-year wait (except maybe losing your virginity), but El’s album should definitely find a way into your collection.

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