The hip-hop “Chinese Democracy” is finally gonna see the light, it looks like. The rumor mill is hinting very strongly that Dr. Dre’s “Detox” will finally see be released next February. The last full-length Dr. Dre release was in 1999, and Dre has been promising “Detox” for at least half a decade. So…take this news with a grain of salt, but also be aware that an official track has surfaced from the project-the first time that’s happened (as opposed to a leak).

I wasn’t thinking that there’d be any chance that “Detox” would live up to expectations (especially since Dre has fallen off the cliff production-wise over the past five years), but if “Kush” is any indication, the album might not be too bad after all. Lyrically, it’s nothing new, but the beat is a banger in typical Dre fashion, and Snoop Dogg & Akon provide solid assistance. I think I heard Nate Dogg in there too, but I’m not sure.

Here’s hoping that “Detox” actually meets it’s February release date. We could use some hot music to warm up this cold winter!

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