If you’d asked me this question two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have had an answer for you! However, I was fortunate enough to catch the Mumford and Sons show at the House of Blues here in Boston. There are times when I skip opening acts, but this time I got to the venue early, knowing damn well the place was gonna fill up quick. Definitely a good call on my part.

To call Cadillac Sky yet another alt-country or neo-bluegrass or whatever you call the stream of roots-based bands that have been popping out lately with somewhat alarming frequency? It wouldn’t do these guys justice. Yeah, most of these bands sound great on record (and seeing as I just bought their latest album, “Letters in the Deep”, and haven’t gotten the chance to listen to it yet, I have yet to render a decision there), and these guys can harmonize with the best of them, but what got me more than anything else was the energy they displayed on that stage. These dudes played with an intensity that ranks them in the Top 10 percent of shows I’ve seen when it comes to pure fire. You saw my post on the American Music Awards the other night, right? My biggest complaint about the show was that too few of the artists played with any emotion. Cadillac Sky would’ve played all those motherfuckers under the table, off the stage, and out of the god damn building.

Of course, when one of the members (and my memory’s now too hazy to remember which) mentioned that Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys produced their latest album, it was a no-brainer that I was gonna have to get a copy. Anything Black Keys approved is cool with me. Cadillac Sky is definitely a target for further investigation. The tour w/Mumford & Sons may be over, but they’ll be hitting the road again in February (mental note: Boston date is 2/28 at the Middle East) and you can bet your ass I’ll be at the show.

Check their video for “Hangman” out after the jump.


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