The American Music Awards may have fallen to third place on the importance list behind the Grammy Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards, but it’s still a pretty important show where it counts…at the cash register. It’s pretty well-watched, and lots of people that see performances or award winners end up going to their local store (or to iTunes) and picking up a single or album by someone they caught on the show.

The AMAs began in 1974 as sort of a “people’s choice” alternative to the Grammys. While the Grammy Award nominees and winners are chosen by a panel of musicians and industry professionals, AMA nominees are based on hard sales and airplay data, and the winners are chosen by the general public. Of course, this has resulted in a pretty wide gap when it comes to AMA winners and Grammy winners. AMA receipients over the years have included artists who have been underrepresented (or unrepresented) at the Grammys, such as New Kids on the Block and N’sync (as well as more credible artists ranging from Queen to Bon Jovi).

This year’s major nominees have all made noise on the charts-from Lady GaGa and Eminem to Usher, Lady Antebellum and Drake. The ceremony will boast performances from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, among others. Plus, there’ll be the first joint performance from Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block since the announcement of their tour a couple weeks back.

Popblerd! will be live-blogging the AMA ceremony tonight, so stay tuned to this very site for updates starting at 8 PM EST!

7:50-I just switched from the T.I. episode of “Behind the Music” on VH-1 over to ABC. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is on. First time I’ve seen any of this in at least fifteen years. Can’t believe it’s still on the air!

7:53-My Giants are probably about to be destroyed by Mike Vick, which makes me feel a little more comfortable about missing football and watching this show instead, but then again, the Bengals were up 21-0 on the Bills today and wound up getting trounced. I suppose anything is possible. Nevertheless, I might turn away here and there to check out, so I apologize for any potential gaps in this post.

7:58-Opening up a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I might need this…

8:01-There are so many things wrong with this Rihanna performance. The ice-sculpture staging as well as her curly ‘Fro wig. Looking at her hair makes me want some Kool-Aid. Ohhh yeah!!

8:03-Did Rihanna just bring back the bogle? (if you are Jamaican, Trinidadian or come from Brooklyn and don’t know what the bogle is, you’re hopeless).

8:04-Hey, Why has it taken 6 days (and counting) for you to deliver my Rihanna CD to me? That experiment failed. Back to actually buying CDs in record stores.

8:05-Wait, I know who Rihanna is channeling with the red wig!!!

8:09-Heidi Klum? Cue card fail.

R&B Album Nominees: Usher, Sade and A. Keys. I bet on Usher winning. Let’s see how accurate I am.

8:11– Damn, I’m good. Here’s a secret for you. Want to know who’s gonna win an award? With this show, all you really have to do is look in the audience. Usually, if they’re not in the audience, they didn’t win. Why? Because the folks who run the American Music Awards usually let the winners know beforehand.

8:12-It should also be noted (somewhat curiously) that the worst album (both from a qualitative standpoint as well as from a sales standpoint) won.

8:15-Wait, did the announcer just call Jenny McCarthy “Jenny McCartney”?

Jenny McCartney and John Legend are announcing Favorite Pop/Rock Group. Nominees are The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum and Train. I was going for Antebellum, but the BEP won. looks like a fucking clown as usual. Of course, he’s pimping their new album.

8:16– So what is it that and Taboo do again? They’re like Andrew Ridgeley times two.

8:17– Of course they bring in Rico Rodriguez to announce Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. He and Eric Stonestreet actually make a good team. I laughed…a little.

8:19-What the hell does Enrique Iglesias need an earpiece for? He’s not singing live!!

8:20-Oh shit. I’ve heard this song before! Had no idea that was Enrique Iglesias!! Song still sucks. Has a nice hook, though.

8:22-They just cut to Sheryl Crow in the audience. She looks traumatized.

8:23-Next up? Future porn star Miley Cyrus. Why is she making the gas face while she’s singing? Ah well, I shouldn’t criticize. At least she’s singing live.

8:30– Wasn’t this Dirty Money album supposed to come out, like, five years ago?

8:33– They should make a special like “When Animals Attack” called “When Rappers Can’t Perform Live”

8:35-Jessica Alba needs a sandwich.

She’s presenting Favorite Country Female. Nominees are Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. If Taylor doesn’t win, I’ll eat Jessica’s sandwich. Of course, I’m right again.

8:36-Damn. Taylor Swift needs a sandwich, too. She better not move her heard too much because that wig is gonna fall right off.

She’s cute. I love her. But she’s also so easy to make fun of.

8:37– What is the correlation between Samuel L. Jackson and Kid Rock?

Ah well, I’ll use any excuse I can find to put in this clip.

8:39– Marijuana makes me fall asleep. Listening to this Kid Rock performance makes me feel like I smoked about 50 joints.

8:42-That was PAINFUL. If you are a Kid Rock fan, my sincerest apologies.

8:46– Christina Aguilera is really trying to save her career, isn’t she? I don’t think making the 21st century “Showgirls” is gonna help, though.

8:47– “Skating with the Stars” plug. Is anyone seriously gonna watch that?

Johnny Weir(d) and Christina Milian (wow-what has she been up to?) are presenting Favorite Latin Artist. Nominees are Daddy Yankee, Shakira and Enrique Iglesias. I thought Enrique was gonna win, but the award goes to Shakira-who wisely stayed away from this show.

8:48-Every time I hear Fergie sing, I think two things. One-she is ugly on a stick. Two-I hope that someday she leaves the Black Eyed Peas and makes a decent album without’s involvement-because she CAN sing.

8:50-I am so glad Patrick Swayze is no longer alive to see or hear this. just shouted out his album release date again. I might buy it just so I can return it.

8:55-The Eagles just scored. This is not a good night so far.

8:56-Damn Beyonce. Looking more like Miss Tina every day. Better hope them hips don’t spread. Shit, if you’re gonna have Jigga’s baby, the lips alone might add an extra couple inches.

8:59– “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurlz” won me over, but this “Firework” garbage might send me away. I hope this sounds better on the record.

9:00– Katy’s outfit is made of the same material as Rihanna McDonald’s hair.

9:02– Taio Cruz, Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj are announcing Favorite Female Artist. Nominees? A. Keys, Rihanna and Sade. I say Keys wins. Nicki shouted out her album release. Sigh.

Rihanna McDonald wins. Should we really be putting Rihanna in the R&B category anyway?

9:04– Willow Smith is presenting Justin Bieber. My embarrassing confession of 2010: I rock “Whip My Hair” religiously. I fucking love that song.

9:08-My embarrassing confession of 2010 #2-Justin Bieber ain’t bad for what he is. Let’s see what happens when the voice changes.

9:13-When rock fans talk shit about (usually R&B and rap) stars’ legal problems, do they forget that Vince Neil KILLED a man? And this muhfucka is on “Skating with the Stars”?

9:14-Mandy Moore and Sheryl Crow are presenting an award. Mandy needs to divorce Ryan Adams, go lesbian and go into the WNBA.

They’re presenting Favorite Country Male: nominees are Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley. I’m gonna go with Paisley FTW. And…Paisley wins. I like his music a lot. And he’s hot as shit, so there’s that.

9:15-Paisley just thanked the AMAs for putting on a great show. And he said it with a straight face. Someone get this guy a film deal!!

9:16-Bon Jovi is performing. Sambora appears to be singing harmony, but I only hear one voice. You think Jon Bon pranked Richie and turned off his mic?

9:17-Does this new Bon Jovi song sound just a little bit like “Home Sweet Home” to you? Shit, did I just make another Motley Crue reference?

9:19-Bon Jovi does a pretty good job at remaining relevant despite not making a decent record in fifteen years.

9:23-I’m not sure if it’s possible to mail in AND phone in a performance. But if it is, then Bon Jovi just did it.

9:28-Natasha Bedingfield has a new album coming out? Why? Does Garnier Fructis need another jingle?

9:29– Why is Lady A nominated for a Breakthrough Artist Award? Nominees are the Biebs, Lady A, Mike Posner and Travie McCoy. I picked the Biebs to win, and I was correct.

9:30-Damn. The Biebs says “um” and “y’know” almost as much as I do.

9:31-Kelly Osbourne is almost hot now! She’s announcing Pink. She won’t have to try too hard to have the best performance tonight.

9:33: Um, Pink? You’re awesome! She’s totally taking the piss out of this show.

9:35-I freakin’ LOOOOOOVE glitter!!

9:41-That, folks, is what Ne-Yo’s head looks like.

9:42-I don’t understand the concept of Ne-Yo’s new album, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna get it. Dude is the truth.

9:44-Although…this performance is a little boring.

9:45-Dude just did a back flip though. Impressive. Now comes Taylor Swift and her crazy wig.

9:46-So, is she playing the piano, or is she “playing” the piano Justin Bieber style?

9:49-Um…why is Taylor singing OneRepublic’s “Apologize”? And she basically bit The Bieb’s performance minus the gospel choir.

9:50-Keri Hilson and Someone I Don’t Know are announcing Favorite Pop/Rock Male. Noms are Justin Bieber, Eminem and Usher. Eminem should win this.

9:51-Are you still as freaked out as I am that Just Blaze managed to flip the gayest song of all time (“What is Love” by Haddaway) into a hip-hop jam?

9:52-Biebs wins again. Dude needs to drink more milk. His head is at the same height as Keri Hilson’s breast. And I think HE noticed that as well.

9:57-Why is the ho that went into the hotel room with Charlie Sheen getting an interview on TV?

9:58-And here comes Xtina. At least she won’t be lip-synching.

9:59-Christina has got some junk in that trunk all of a sudden. Is she wearing some of that Booty Pop?

10:01-I’m so bored. And I have to pee. Next commercial.

10:02-Favorite Country Band is up next. I have no idea who either of these two presenters are. Lady Antebellum is gonna win this one. The other nominees are…Rascal Flatts and Zac Brown Band.

10:04-Lady A wins! How come they’re not performing?

10:09-Dear Usher Raymond. Eurofag music was not meant for you to sing. Thanks much.

10:10-Ush ain’t going anywhere near that high note in the chorus. Good call, brother.

10:13-Hey, Mike Posner…you are on about 14:40. And Avril Lavigne just said “amazeballs”. Wow.

10:14-Best Alternative Music Act nominees are Muse, Phoenix and Vampire Weekend. Most of America has no idea who any of these three bands are…and that’s a shame! Muse wins!

10:15-That British accent is THICK. I feel like I’m watching “Snatch” all of a sudden.

10:16-Train is performing “Marry Me”, which is a very pretty song…although a little awkward for an award show. And Pat Monahan is wearing glittery mom jeans. NOT a good look!

No…we’re not tired of “Hey, Soul Sister” yet. Give us more!

10:20-I’m looking on Yahoo! movies to see if “Burlesque” came out already. It’s not in the Top 20, so I’m assuming it isn’t? Or it is and no one went to see it, which would make me deliriously happy for some reason.

10:24-Justin Timberlake: if you have time to do “Ellen”, you have time to get your ass back into the studio. Do it. ASAP.

10:25-The Band Perry comes out looking like the hillbilly Osmonds. They’re announcing Favorite Adult Contemporary. Nominees are Train, Lady A and Buble. I say Buble wins.

Damn it, I’m good.

Not a huge fan of his music, but he IS cute. And you can see pictures of his booty on the internet.

10:26-Why is Michael Chiklis presenting at the American Music Awards? And they’re announcing KE$HA?? That makes no sense.

10:28-A million people have purchased Ke$ha’s album. You all deserve to be slapped. Hard.

10:30-I suppose it’s just as well Ke$ha smashes a guitar on stage. Not like she’s gonna use it for anything.

10:35-25 minutes left. I can DO this.

…and it’s still not looking good for The Giants. Sigh.

10:36- Carlos Santana and Gavin Rossdale. Who put those two together?

Wait…I know this riff. Are they singing “Bang A Gong”?

Marc Bolan AND Robert Palmer just rolled around in their graves.

10:38-Cindy Blackman is still a fine specimen. Why’d she marry HIM?

10:39-Now Gavin Rossdale is murdering Al Green. Someone shoot me.

10:40-Jaden Smith looks like he wants to kill himself. I feel you, young brother.

10:41-Lady Antebellum is presenting Favorite Soul/R&B Male. Usher’s gonna win this. The other nominees are Chris Brown and Trey Songz. CB gets big applause. Kinda a surprise.

Ush wins and gives Trey Songz some dap on the way up. Respect for that. I’ve gotta say, I used to not have a lot of time for Trey, but his last two albums have been pretty damn good.

10:42-A little full of yourself, Mr. Raymond. Yes?

10:48-I take it Ryan is gonna announce NKOTBSB? Nope, he’s announcing Artist of the Year. Nominees are Bieber, Eminem, Ke$ha, Gaga and Katy Perry. I say this goes to the Bieb. If Em or Gaga was to win, they would’ve showed up.

The Bieb wins.

10:50-L.A. Reid is a jackass. Just saying.

10:52-Here comes NKOTBSB. Every white woman between the ages of 30-40 just wet themselves.

10:53-AJ McLean really needs to give up the guyliner.

10:55-Jordan just almost got snuffed by the mic! Comedy!

10:56-You think the addition of the Backstreet Boys relieves Danny Wood and Jonathan Knight of their already minuscule singing duties?

10:58-OK, this has already gone on too long, but I’ll give them props for the performance. Probably the second best of the night after Pink.

10:59-And…the show’s over. The Biebs won four awards! Ush and Slim Shady were next with two each. Well, there’s 180 minutes of my life I’ll never get back, but hopefully you enjoyed this blog!!

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