Hey folks-guess what? The American Music Awards are tonight. Who has two thumbs and will be live-blogging the whole show-as painful as that process appears? Yep-this guy. Make sure you check out this site frequently throughout the night to see what I think of the show.

In the meantime, let’s go back in time and pull yet another great AMA moment out of the archives.

Damn-looks like someone’s gone into YouTube and pulled out a lot of the good stuff, but we can still take it back nearly 40 years to the very first American Music Awards show. The award? Favorite Pop/Rock Duo or Group. The winner? The Carpenters-but that’s the least important part of the presentation. Check out the presenters: a teenager Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond, TV commercial personality Rodney Allen Rippy and “Partridge Family” actor Ricky Segall. Rippy is cutting up big time in this clip…gotta love a kid with great comic timing.

Reminder to check back in from 8PM-11PM EST tonight as I live blog the American Music Awards!!

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