Sometimes, after seeing a video, you like a song a million times more. This is one of those instances.

I love Pink because not only can she sing her ass off, but she doesn’t take herself very seriously, either. “Raise Your Glass”, the first single from her upcoming Greatest Hits album, has a clip that follows in the tradition of videos like “Stupid Girls” and “So What”. Over the course of the clip, you’ll see: Pink sumo wrestling with some fat dude that looks like the Monopoly guy, Pink feeding a cow, two dudes making out,morphing technology a la MJ’s “Black or White” video (featuring Pink’s hubby Carey Hart), and more F-bombs than I initially remember hearing. It’s light and frivolous in a way that Pink songs usually aren’t, but the hilarity of the video makes up for my not initially being super-enthused about the song itself. Someone get this chick an “SNL” hosting gig STAT.

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