Because I couldn’t think of a clear cut favorite for this week’s 5ive, I’m gonna be a lame-o and give it to a general concept: The Family Group.

When you’re in a group or a band, the natural order of things dictates that eventually you’re gonna spread your wings and fly solo-at least temporarily. Once ego comes into play, that need to fly alone increases, especially in cases where more than one band member feels as though they are most responsible for the band’s success.

When the members of the group or band are related, however? Much bigger can of worms. Sure, band dynamics and family dynamics are similar, but there’s an extra sense of frustration that comes when you decide to leave behind your own relatives, and I would imagine there’s a deep sense of abandonment coming from the kin you left behind.

So…psychobabble aside, check out some videos from various individual members of family groups after the jump!

Here’s Robin Gibb’s bizarre clip for “Boys (Do Fall in Love)”

Not to be outdone, Barry made his own solo record and scored a minor hit with “Shine Shine”.

Shortly after El DeBarge went solo, sister Bunny followed suit with her own record. Is it me, or does this record sound a lot like “Crush on You” by The Jets?

Speaking of The Jets, not only did brother Eugene Wolfgramm score a Top 10 hit as a member of Boys Club with “I Remember Holding You”, but he also changed his name to Gene Hunt! The nerve!

And what would any family countdown be without Jacksons? Of course, you know about the solo careers of Michael, Janet and Jermaine. You probably also know that Latoya and Rebbie made records. But what about Marlon?

…and Jackie?

…and Randy???

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