Remember when the Black Eyed Peas were actually good? Granted, the group’s first two (pre-Fergie) albums didn’t set the Billboard charts on fire, but they were both pleasant in that 2nd-era Native Tongues kinda way. They were hanging in that Dilated Peoples/Jurassic 5 lane, I guess.

“Joints & Jam” was the first BEP single that made any noise, and it manages to host a catchy hook and supplement the hook with some head-nodding appeal. Hell, even “Elephunk” got started with “Where is the Love?” (which is probably my favorite Peas song ever), but shit went incredibly downhill from there. The songs just got sillier and more banal, and the band somehow got bigger and bigger. Definitely proof that just because a band becomes more popular, it doesn’t mean that they get better.

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