What the hell am I doing listening to-and ENJOYING-a song made by a nine year old? Just the fact that I’m typing that sentence makes me feel like I should be driving a white van. And truthfully, I avoided Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” (a hard thing to do if you’re as connected to the internet as I am), because it just didn’t occur to me that the song would actually be…y’know, good.

Holy crap. “Whip” is fun, danceable and TOTALLY age-appropriate! Yeah, Willow’s rocking some grown-woman attitude in the video clip, but it comes across more as a child playing grown up than it does someone who’s maturing before her time. Seeing this video totally reinforces my theory that Will & Jada have everything-acting and musical talents, tons of money and they’ve passed their talents down to their kids as well. If nothing else, this song, video and couple are a refreshing break from the images and scandals that seem to hover over just about everything else coming from Hollywood.

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